About #ArmsforUkraine

Arms For Ukraine is a U.S.-based non-partisan movement to help the Ukrainian people defend themselves and the world from Putin’s tyranny.

Sanctions are not working. Putin will not stop unless his army is stopped. He will keep taking whatever he wants at any price unless we help Ukraine stop him now.

Even as thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced, the people of Ukraine continue to fight for their freedom, their right to self-determination, and their right to exist as a sovereign, democratic nation.

These are the ideals that America was founded on. These are the values we hold most sacred. These are the the reasons we as a nation must support Ukraine with the weapons that they need to defend themselves, protect their families and repel this barbaric tyrant.

Join us and send a message to Congress and the White House!

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Arms for Ukraine is not a nonprofit and does not accept donations. While we are not affiliated with any one charity. If you would like to support the people of Ukraine with a donation, we recommend you consider HIAS and Razom for Ukraine, who are both working hard to help Ukraine today.

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